Who are we?

We are a group of engineers, researchers, musicians, and more dedicated to helping music makers explore possible ways to create sounds with artificial intelligence (AI). Perseverance and determination are what we share with the other great names across many industries.

Why do we want to do this?

We started by trying to solve the inconvenience with analog gears, and now we’re breaking the boundaries of analog and digital with analog emulation. From ideas and research to commercial merchandise, we’re creating products and making them state-of-the-art.
Minimalism is our mindset. We seek methods different from conventional visual design to ensure user-friendly. We aim to achieve the highest efficiency with minor partitions; Polish the best audio with minimal modification.

How are we doing this?

After a few years of research, we developed Ariosa, an AI analog modeling technology based on neural networks and advanced DSP. It possesses cognitive insight, which can use algorithms to evolve and process the highest quality emulation. Ariosa can completely reinvent the analog gears with low latency and reasonably acceptable resource consumption. We make ordinary computers able to run high-fidelity audio plug-ins.
We are confident that it will liberate your sound to the next level and open up many more possibilities for you to fulfill your imagination.

What are our goals?

Provide professional plug-ins. One must need good tools to master a job. Whether in a house studio, a professional studio, or a laptop studio, focus on your sound mastery; let us worry about the tools.

Recreate the classics. We all love the sound of good old analog gears. Using neural networks makes the authenticity of the hardware gear sounds on software possible.

Make music emotional. By eliminating unnecessary technical terms and fancy functions, we keep our plug-in simple and intuitive to let you mix not through your eyes but ears and hearts.

As entering the time of immersive audio, we’re revolutionizing our products. Our future projects will focus on multichannel compatibility to support creators in building their virtual reality worlds.

Meet Taiwan

“Beautiful places make beautiful sound”

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