Who are we?

We are a mixture of engineers, tech geeks, audio engineers, and musicians from Taiwan, all have a passion for creating great sounds. Perseverance and determination are what we share with the other great names across many industries. We are dedicated to making products that not only deliver high-end sounds but also help people to create touching acoustic experiences.

Why do we want to do this?

Not satisfied with the existing plug-ins on the market, we challenged ourselves to create tools that not only elevate the sound quality, recreate classic analog sounds on software plugins, but also are simple to navigate and easy to access for the public. So we founded Master Tones and created superior plug-ins that deliver the sound we vision as classic and authentic.

How are we doing this?

After few years of research, we developed Ariosa, an AI analog modeling technology based on neural network and advanced DSP. It has cognitive insight, which can use algorithms to evolve and process the highest quality emulation. Ariosa can completely reinvent the analog gears with very low latency, and resource consumption is fairly acceptable. We make ordinary computers able to run high-fidelity audio plug-ins.
We have the utmost confidence that it will liberate your sound to the next level and open up a lot more possibilities for you to fulfill your imaginations.

What are our goals?

Provide professional plugins. One must need good tools to master a job. Whether you’re in a house studio, a professional studio, or a laptop studio, just focus on your sound mastery, let us worry about the tools.
Recreate the classics. We all love the sound from good old analog gears. By using neural networks, we make the authenticity of the hardware gear sounds on software possible.
Make music emotional. By eliminating unnecessary technical terms and fancy functions, we keep our plug-in simple and intuitive to let you mix not through your eyes but ears and hearts.

Meet Taiwan

“Beautiful places make beautiful sound”

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