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  • Product Image - The Stage Package

    Behind the Scene: The Making of The Stage Package

    Stereo Enhancer/Stereo Field Editing effects are designed to alternate the spatial characteristics of music in a stereo field. In The Stage Package, The Widener (TW) expands or narrows the perceived sound field and The Deepener (TD) controls the distance of the center sound source. The package operates on two orthogonal directions over a 2D plane, …

  • British Kolorizer

    Behind the Scene: The Making of British Kolorizer

    Around 2018, we were a group of coders, tech geeks, audio engineers, and musicians being passionate about making new sounds with technologies. We also enjoyed programming plugins from scratch and building various audio effects. At that time, a new trend grabbed our attention: Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a thriving technology were refreshing the state-of-the-arts over …

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