Bring your sound to the next stage, literally.
Numerous classic analog gears that work magic on the sound image.
With The Widener (TW) and The Deepener (TD),
we make the magic available through your computer.

Breaking the borderline of the stereo image,
The Widener expands the boundary of your sound to a whole new level,
immersing the listener in the dimension of sound field you build.

Creating an incredible dynamic to your work,
The Deepener empowers you the freedom to alternate the sound source
to any desire distance in the center of the sound stage,
the size of the sound image is decided by your imagination.


Ariosa Inspired

Ariosa breaks through the traditional way analog simulation is made and relies on neural networks as its core in using advanced DSP.

Analog Reinvented

Ariosa can completely analyze and reinvent the analog gears in digital domain, the latency can be as same as the hardware, or even shorter.

Quality Endowed

The sound differentiation is in the frequency variation. This is physics at its best because negative artifacts defect variations are removed and deliver excellence.


Wizard of space, building the performing sound stage at will.

- DeathscytheX

Music Producer / Arranger

The EQ masking of The Stage Package works perfectly and has no phasing issue at all. It’s truly amazing and make it very useful.


Music Producer / Sound Designer

I always want to make my music deeper and wider. The Stage Package can expand the sound to the new level only by few knobs. It saves my time.

- GreenTedBeat

Music Producer / Beatmaker


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